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Paintings by Jyotish Dutta Gupta

These paintings can be looked at as they are without the painter's intervetion. But few remarks from the artist may enrich the understanding of the viewers.

   "As I painted them and now when i watch them, i canot help remembering the shadows that haunted me from a traumatic past. The spashes of red, the blots of grey turning into pitch-black, the patches of ochre of the muddy earth, the shadowy figures of evanscent women, the haze and the smog, the fleeting colours supporting the restless forms and fragmentary memories caught in snatches of remembered shades of hues and lines."

These paintings are therefore about people watching them, listening to them, seeing it getting dark in winter evenings, observing the play of light and shadows with which people get fused. There is the haunting awareness of all-the tensions between love, affection and hatred-disolving either in reconciliation, or in the humility of remorse. They represent a redefined equilibrium of despair and hope.


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