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Paintings by Jyotish Dutta Gupta

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Upcoming exhibitions of paintings by Jyotish Dutta Gupta shall be notified of very soon.

Views & Visions - An Exhibition of Paintings


In all his work, one feels the artist's devotion to reality, his reverence for every creature in its saga of life. The choreography of these figuratives stess upon the viewer the mutuality of mankind, nothing less. They bring up moments of calm as well as inward excitement. This way this veteran painter helps us penetrate into the commonplace, humble, and yet emotionally momentous substratum of our own being. It tells us vividly that this creator loves his conceptions, that this inspirations, or revelations, come only through the medium of his craft. Here in sum, is a quiet art that deepens our empathy with life and nature faithfuly, no less. : New Delhi, India